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About Us

Lots of businesses want to
help people and contribute to society;
but finding the best way to do that isn’t easy.

At ANTZ we formulate strategies that ensure
sustainable business growth and social change
go hand in hand.

These two sides to what we do make us
simply unique.

It’s CSR, but not as you know it.

Case Studies

To bring inclusivity, it's crucial to align all views and ANTZ played the most important job by sticking the different parts to achieve one common goal. Their expertise, vision and determination makes them a key partner to succeed."

Miguel Marti,
European Head of I’m Wall’s

"I originally signed up to make a difference. So far what has surprised me is how humbling the experience is – by the challenges people have had to face and then the resilience and determination to change their lives around."



Thursday August 27 Kick-start Your Health & Wellbeing! Online Training

This is a session designed to give you the tools to improve your general health and wellbeing and delivered in partnership with Kate Thorpe Therapy & Coaching.

Tuesday September 01 Introducing ANTZ Network! Online

An introductory event for partners and those thinking about joining the network to find out more about ANTZ

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