• Atos ANTZ Mentor Programme: Bringing People Together


    Atos is a world-wide digital leader.

    Their aim was to drive far-reaching social change; reducing crime, creating jobs and improving mental health.

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  • I'm Wall's Participant

    I'm Wall's

    The I’m Wall’s programme was set up to tackle unemployment worldwide.

    Our challenge was how to successfully
    deliver this in the UK.

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  • ANTZ Case Study

    NW Secretarial Services

    Sue invests a lots of time in her local community already.
    However, she wanted to do more.

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In 2011 ANTZ was established - ahead of the Social Value Act in UK 2012. We lead with business change and success in order to drive change in the community. We work with micro and global organisations and everything inbetween. Our mission is to change the lives of people whether it’s in work or out, and reduce costs to society.